We Aim To  Help Children Get A Life

Why We Do This

The Syrian refugee crisis in its 6th year now – it might feel familiar, but the everyday suffering of the increasing number of children is not going away – in reality, it is getting worse.

More than half of all Syrian refugees — roughly 2.5 million — are children under the age of 18. Out of the 400,000 children that reached Germany in 2015 – 42,300 arrived there unaccompanied.

Children living in camps do not just endure daily physical hardship – they face the sudden loss of the key elements vital for a young’s person development and mental health – the support of a family, safe homes, familiar surroundings, educational opportunities, social networks and friendships, childhood experiences, the sense of stability and vision for the future.

Can we even begin to imagine the scale of despair, fear and loss these children are feeling?