A Better Future For All Children

Our Vision

Despite global appeals, the current refugee relief effort remains significantly underfunded and largely only able to address some of the immediate physical requirements on a temporary basis.

The scale of the problem is enormous. We aim to tackle one vital aspect of it – taking care of children under the age of 11, who lost both of their parents.

Our message is simple – no child should be living in a tent, hungry and neglected under a constant threat of physical harm, abuse and trafficking.

MCR will focus on meeting the needs of orphaned refugee children in a long-term and comprehensive way. Our approach of “whole child – whole life” – means providing safe housing, full board, education and other types of support such as counselling and empowerment for as long as it takes for the child to enter adult life.

Together, we can practically and helpfully effect the lives and future of some very real children and young people.

We invite you to be a part of this vision and effort.